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Expert and Pathology Reports

The Expert Report is a document written by an expert in which the conclusions obtained by the expert after the investigation of a case are exposed.

In the case of architecture, when damage arises in a home or in a construction due to defects in the construction itself, you should look for a technician who writes a report prepared to process a claim in this regard. This Expert Report is a technical document or opinion on constructive pathologies in a building or structure, and has the specific purpose of serving as expert evidence on the origin, nature and scope of the affectation.

The Expert Report is a formal requirement requested by a judicial authority, insurance company, community of owners or interested person to claim a damage or defect. This Expert Report must be carried out by a certified technician (architect or technical architect) who is part of the list of expert professionals.

The possible claims against construction defects are very diverse. A typical case is the occurrence of a defect in the construction of a new building, and the Community of Owners appeal to the construction company. In the same way, the owner of a home in a multi-family building may observe a certain defect that the Community of Owners must correct and requires an Expert Report. Other examples are disputes caused by flaws in renovations or damage caused by an adjoining construction, ranging in size from cracks to collapses.

There is no regulation regarding the Expert Report itself, although there are criteria that are common to all expert technicians. It is usual, for example, the detailed description of the construction deficiencies regarding their location and extension, studying their causes and possible solutions. Finally, the necessary repairs to correct the deficiencies presented are usually economically valued.

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