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Expansion and Reform Projects

Carrying out a reform or extension of a premises or a home is a very delicate issue. There are clients who intend to carry out said reforms or extensions without requesting a Building License from the City Council. The consequences that this entails are very serious, since you will not be able to legalize the enlarged square meters or write them in the Property Registry. In addition, in the event that the City Council observes said work without the corresponding License, it may be forced to stop it plus a financial penalty. Even in case of expiration of the Certificate of Habitability, for its renewal the City Council may not grant it until the illegal work carried out collapses.

Therefore, to do things as they should be done, you must apply to the City Council for the corresponding Building License and contract with the Architecture Office of your liking the Expansion or Reform Project that is required.

The correct completion of this process begins by knowing from the Technical Office of the City Council the regulations that affect your property in terms of: building coefficient, occupancy percentage and setbacks to the boundaries. If you fail to comply with any of these sections, the extension or reform may be illegal and subject to demolition.

For all this, it is more than necessary that you contact the ALONE Architecture and Engineering Studio to analyze your case carefully and you as a client have the guarantee that your work can be carried out without any consequence.

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