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Energy Efficiency Certificates

It is now mandatory that all buildings, single-family homes, flats, duplexes, chalets, offices or premises, which are sold or leased, have (from the moment they are advertised) an Energy Efficiency Certificate drawn up by a competent technician.

The Energy Certification of buildings is an obligation imposed by the European Union (Directive 2010/31 / CE). Royal Decree 235/2013 defines the basic procedure for certifying the energy efficiency of buildings and establishes the obligation that all homes that are advertised for sale or rent have their Energy Certificate, whose label must be displayed in every offer. , promotion and publicity.

Failure to comply with these national regulations will entail the possibility of suffering sanctions from the administration that range from € 300 to € 6,000. It is crucial to know the fact that advertising a home for sale or rent without having its Energy Efficiency Certificate will have the minimum penalty of € 300.

The ALONE Architecture and Engineering Studio carries out the Energy Efficiency Certificate in both existing homes and new buildings.

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