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TheEstudio de Arquitectura e Ingenería ALONE (Alone Proyectos de Arquitectura S.L.) was born in 1993 in the municipality of Guardamar del Segura, Alicante province. During the first years of life, the firm focused its projects in the Vega Baja area of Alicante.

Publicidad Arquitectura ALONE
Publicidad Arquitectura ALONE
Publicidad Arquitectura ALONE

However, thanks to the effort and work carried out by each of its workers, the ALONE Architecture and Engineering Studio carries out all kinds of projects throughout the national territory, including the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. ALONE is currently in the cities of Madrid, Valencia, Alicante and Guardamar del Segura.

Our work philosophy is always to meet the needs of our customers, which are focused on use, good design and cost. With each project we are presented with a new challenge and in each one of them we try to ensure that our clients are totally satisfied. We want to ensure that with each of our designs that the user has a feeling of harmony and comfort, both inside and outside of our architecture projects.

Throughout our professional career we have designed around 4,000 homes, industrial buildings and others, working together with our clients to better understand their needs, which has always led us to achieve a good job.

Apart from designing homes and spaces, it is our job to personalize each architecture project so that the user has the feeling of well-being that each and every one of us seeks to live.

Our locations


Calle Carles Cervera 14, Bajo

961 16 39 25


Calle Periodista Pirula Arderius 2, 2ºA

965 72 77 36

Guardamar del Segura

Plaza de Abastos 4, Entresuelo A

684 22 43 27

Calle Carles Cervera Nº14, Bajo
46004 – Valencia
Teléfono: 961 16 39 25

Calle Periodista Pirula Arderius Nº2, 2ºA
03001– Alicante
Teléfono: 965 72 77 36

Plaza de Abastos Nº4, Entresuelo A
03140 – Guardamar del Segura
Teléfono: 684 22 43 27